Are climate concerns set to re-shape university operations post COVID?

Remaking HE Zoom

Session 4

The world has been gripped by COVID-19 throughout 2020, but when that passes, will concern over climate change fill that gap?

Sustainability has been treated as a ‘nice to have’ for years – but could take on dramatically increased significance in 2021, as universities seek new ways to trim bills and ensure they are relevant and appealing to potential students and staff.

City residents who have seen nearby mountains for the first time, and dramatic reductions in transport-related emissions and pollution have changed perceptions of a number of people during 2020.

Following Greta Thunberg’s international success, placing climate change at the top of many agendas, how must universities react if they want to attract students, staff and donors?

  • Is being carbon neutral going to be an enrolment advantage?
  • How much can be shaved off university bills through renewable energy?
  • What happens to all your plastic waste from campus, now we are no longer shipping it offshore?
  • Will government oversight pose a fundamental risk to environmental sciences?


Growth Sustainability Technology

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