Who owns your work?

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Session 1

Research Sovereignty and funding models are changing in the 2020s.

This session will examine data casting a new light on research performance and examine key questions about who decides what work will go on in the laboratories and offices of Australian researchers in future.

International governments fund a large chunk of Australian research. Does Australia need to review its research priorities? Does research sovereignty matter?

What do Plan S and Open Access compliance mean for the future of your research and where you publish?

Is research publication ripping the copyright on research out of the HE sector to make venture capitalists rich, or is the system working just fine?

How do University Councils prioritise profit relative to impact or long term sustainability?

As Australia peaks in current rankings, who gets to decide what excellence really looks like?

Join us for a practical, eye-opening excursion into the real picture behind Australia’s research performance – and predictions on where we need to head next.

Growth Research

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