Allison Doorbar

Managing Partner - Eduworld

EduWorld originated in 1995 when Allison co-founded LD&A, an Australian-based strategic marketing company specialising in providing market research, strategy consulting and marketing communications services for clients in the education sector. Since then, Allison has grown the business from its Australian origins to an internationally acclaimed consultancy that works with some of the world’s leading universities, vocational education and English language providers, major global providers like Navitas, Pearson, Apollo and Study Group, as well as numerous government departments and agencies.

Allison has significant expertise in helping clients develop and implement their domestic and international marketing strategies. She was instrumental in conducting the first-ever longitudinal study into international student decision-making and has continued to undertake ground-breaking research in the sector.

Allison is also highly sought after as a strategic planning and branding specialist. She has led numerous brand-planning initiatives designing and conducting many full-day strategic planning sessions, consulting with clients on a one-on-one basis, as well as facilitating group decision-making among key stakeholders.

With her global experience in the education marketing sector, Allison is considered an expert and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences. She has an intimate understanding of the key target audiences involved in education, from the students and their influencers, to the people who set the policy.

My Sessions

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Session 8 Universities deliver cures to disease, inventions to power our economy and improve our lives and insights that enrich our lives. What is stopping Australia’s higher education sector from being seen as a top priority for voters? After years of struggling to weave together a narrative that will engage the Australian electorate, this session […]

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