Lanxi Huang

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant, University of Melbourne

Lanxi Huang is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters’ degree in Education, she worked in psychological counselling and high school teaching, before enrolling in her PhD in 2018.

Lanxi’s current research focuses on wellbeing, wellbeing literacy and language, international education, and tertiary education; with specific emphasis on how Chinese international students conceptualize and language used about wellbeing.

My Sessions

Redefining value: what will bring students back

Remaking HE Zoom

Session 9 2020 has been a game changer in higher education recruitment and marketing – but also in the value proposition that will bring students back to campuses in 2021 and beyond. This session will explore the lessons from 2020 which help identify how the value proposition must change: Virtual Open Days  – reviews and […]

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