Lucy Montgomery

Co-lead, COKI project, Curtin University

Associate Professor Lucy Montgomery is co-lead of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative: a major strategic research project exploring how big data can help universities to understand their performance as Open Knowledge Institutions. Lucy also leads the Innovation in Knowledge Communication research program at the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University. Lucy’s research focuses on the ways in which open access and open knowledge are transforming landscapes of knowledge production, sharing and use, including in China. Her most recent, collaboratively authored, book Open Knowledge Institutions: Reinventing Universities is now open for community review MIT Press.

My Sessions

Who owns your work?

Remaking HE Zoom

Session 1 Research Sovereignty and funding models are changing in the 2020s. This session will examine data casting a new light on research performance and examine key questions about who decides what work will go on in the laboratories and offices of Australian researchers in future. International governments fund a large chunk of Australian research. […]

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